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Welcome to Sydney Airport Arrivals and Departures

Sydney Airport is where magical moments happen every day.

It’s where families, friends and couples share the emotion of hello – and goodbye. It’s where journeys begin, where travellers see home again for the first time, and the place where you’ll welcome back or wave off loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a loved one, or farewell someone with a last cheers and bite to eat, there are several great value options to park at Sydney Airport when it comes to meeting flight arrivals or waving off departures.

International parking

Picking up and dropping off at T1 (international)

The International Airport car park closest to the arrivals or departures zones is P7 , placing you just a few minutes’ walk from the terminal. Whether you’re looking for short-term parking or long-term parking at the International terminal, you have plenty of options to choose from.

You can drop passengers off at the Departures level, or pick passengers up at the Arrivals Gate by parking in the P7 car park.

If you want to do a quick pick up, grab a space in Public Pick-up. Simply drive up on the day and stay free for one entry per calendar day, up to 15 minutes.

Book your parking at Sydney International terminal online now to secure your space and save.

Domestic parking

Picking up and dropping off at T2 and T3 (domestic)

Secure your Sydney Domestic parking online now . The sooner you book, the more you save.

You can find Sydney Domestic Airport Parking in P2 and P3. These two car parks are next to each other between the two domestic terminals (T2 and T3), so you’ll only be a few minutes away by foot no matter where you park in this area.

You can drop passengers off at the Departures level at both domestic terminals T2 & T3. To help keep this zone congestion free and ensure other passengers get to their flights on time, we ask that you stop for no more than one minute. Due to security restrictions, you are not permitted to leave your vehicle and these areas must be only used to drop off passengers.

For convenient pick ups, please park in the P2 car park, alternatively if you’ll only be a few minutes picking someone up without leaving your car, opt for the Public Pick-up zone. Simply drive up on the day and stay free for one entry per calendar day, up to 15 minutes. The Public Pick-up parking zone is on the ground floor of the multi-storey P3 car park.

Secure your spot for Sydney Domestic parking online now. The sooner you book, the more you save.

Accessible pick up and drop-off zones

There are two dedicated accessible pick up and drop off parking areas conveniently located near the main terminal entry. The parking spaces are clearly signed on the roadway and signposted on the footpath. Learn more about our dedicated accessible parking areas here.

Valet parking

Find valet parking close to the Sydney domestic terminals for quick and secure parking without the hassle. Simply drop off your vehicle with the professional valet team and head straight to the gate to meet or farewell your loved one.

Your vehicle will be stored safely while you’re inside, and our team will bring it back to you as soon as you’re ready.

Be sure to book online ahead of time to save.

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