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Domestic and International Pronto Valet, and Virgin Premium Valet products remain closed.

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Sydney Domestic Airport parking

Domestic Pronto Valet, and Virgin Premium Valet products remain closed. Customers are advised to use the P1/P2 or P3 car parks during this period. For customers flying from Terminal 3, Qantas Valet has reopened.

Domestic airport parking couldn’t be more convenient. The P1/P2 & P3 car parks are just a short walk away from the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals, with Short-term parking and Long-term parking options available. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, try the Blu Emu car park. The Blu Emu car park is conveniently located on Ross Smith Avenue within the airport precinct. Free shuttle buses run regularly from the car park to the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals between 3:30am and midnight.

Want to secure your spot ahead of time? Book online and choose Guaranteed Space in the P1/P2 car park. It’s the fastest and most convenient self-park option.

SAVE up to 70% on parking at Sydney Domestic Airport when you pre-book online. The earlier you book, the more you can save.

Key features

Fast terminal access

Walk to the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals in minutes from the P2 and P3 car parks.

Pre-book and save

Get the best deal when you pre-book domestic parking online in advance.

Free Express Pick-up zone

Picking up passengers? Park in the express pick-up zone free for up to 15 minutes, twice per calendar day.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking options are available at all the car parks.

Domestic car parks



Blu Emu

Car park Ideal for Distance to terminal Learn more
  • - Short-term and long-term parking
  • - Guaranteed space
  • - Valet parking
2-5 minute walk to T2 and T3 Domestic P1/P2 car park
  • - Express Pick-up zone
  • - Mid to long-term parking
  • - Cost conscious travellers
5-8 minute walk to T2 and T3 Domestic P3 car park
Blu Emu
  • - Short-term and long-term parking
  • - Budget travellers
15 minute bus ride to T2 and T3 Domestic Blu Emu car park

Know which parking option is right for you?

Most frequently asked questions

How do I enter and exit the Sydney Domestic Airport car park?

P1/P2 car park is the closest multi-storey car park to the T2 and T3 Domestic terminals. To enter the car park, follow signs for the ‘P2 car park’ as you enter the domestic precinct.

Alternatively, for longer stays, follow signs to the ‘P3 car park’, or take either General Holmes Drive, or Ross Smith Avenue and follow the signs to the ‘Blu Emu car park’.

If you have pre-booked online, scan the QR code on your booking confirmation email or Apple E Wallet E-Ticket at the entry gate; alternatively insert or tap the nominated credit card to activate your booking. If you drive up, just take a ticket at the gate. To exit the car park, follow signs to the exit and insert your ticket at the gate.

If you’re picking up passengers and staying less than 15 minutes, follow signs to the ‘Express Pick-up’ zone located within the P3 car park as you enter the domestic precinct.

For more information on how to enter the car park, watch the short video here.

How do I amend or cancel my Sydney Domestic Airport car park booking?

To amend your booking, go to the top of the page and click ‘MANAGE/CANCEL’. Enter your email address, booking reference number and click SUBMIT.

To modify your contact details or your vehicle registration, follow the above steps and click 'MODIFY DETAILS' at the bottom of the page. Make the relevant changes and click save. Modifying your contact details will not cancel your booking.

To modify the selected car park or booking dates, click 'MODIFY' at the bottom of the page. Confirm your new selection and follow the payment prompts. The new booking confirmation will be emailed to you. Please note, the fee paid for your original booking will be automatically refunded via the payment method used to complete the booking.

To cancel your booking, click 'CANCEL' at the bottom of the page and following the prompts. The cancellation confirmation will be emailed to you.

All refunds can take 2-3 business days for the refund to be visible on your account.

Please note, you can modify your booking up to 6 hours before your booked time or cancel it up to 24 hours prior to your nominated entry time. While COVID 19 restrictions remain, Sydney Airport may reduce your online amendment and cancellation time to 2 hours prior to your booked entry time.

How do I get to Sydney Domestic Airport?

Sydney Airport is located 8km from the Sydney CBD and driving takes about 25 minutes in light traffic. Most routes to the airport carry regular signs of the universally recognisable aeroplane symbol. Once you’re in the airport precinct, follow signs to the Domestic Airport.

How do I book valet parking at Sydney Domestic Airport?

You can either book valet parking online or simply drive up on the day and drop off your vehicle. Once you hand your keys over to the valet staff, they’ll take care of parking your vehicle in a secure facility.

Is there free parking at Sydney Domestic Airport?

Free parking is available at the Express Pick-up zone for up to 15 minutes twice per calendar day, or at the Blu Emu car park for up to one hour.

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