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T2 Premium Valet at Sydney Airport

Experience the ultimate stress-free travel convenience with T2 Premium Valet at Sydney Airport Domestic. Our premium service ensures seamless access to terminal facilities, allowing you to drop your keys and head directly to your gate or lounge hassle-free. Valet parking for domestic travel has never been easier.

Features of T2 Premium Valet parking

On T2 Departures Level

Enjoy direct access to T2 from the pick-up and drop-off location.

Fast-track your departure

Simply drive up to the T2 Departures level. Hand your keys to the valet staff, and let us do the rest.

Kerbside Parking Experience

Drop off your car at the kerbside of T2, offering the most convenient location for your departure.

Premium car wash (coming soon)

Treat your vehicle to a premium car wash and enjoy a sparkling clean car on your ride home.

How does T2 Premium Valet parking work?

1. Choose T2 Premium Valet parking

Select Domestic T2 and search for your dates. Select T2 Premium Valet from the search result page.

2. Book your spot

Book T2 Premium Valet parking online ahead of time. This parking option is available for online pre-booking and drive-ups.

3. Drive up & drop off

Simply drop off your vehicle and hand your keys to our dedicated valet staff. Let us do the rest, and you can head straight to the gate or lounge.

4. Pick up & go

We will return your keys at the same place when you return.

How do I get to T2 Premium Valet parking?

Qantas Valet parking map
  1. Follow the departure sign towards the T2 Departure.
  2. Look for the T2 Premium Valet signage at the beginning of the T2 terminal on your left-hand side.

Get directions

T2 Premium Valet parking location

T2 Premium Valet parking location


T2 Departures level at the start of the terminal.

Hours of Operation

5am – 11.30pm, 7 days a week

Height Restriction

2.0 metres

Location Hours of Operation Height Restriction
  • T2 Departures level at the start of the terminal.
5am – 11.30pm, 7 days a week 2.0 metres

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