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Which airport parking is best for you

By Sydney Airport on August 24, 2020

Leaving your car at the Sydney Airport parking area can make travel that much easier and stress-free, especially when you return and can head home in your own vehicle. The question isn’t whether to leave your car in the parking lot at Sydney Airport, but rather, which type of airport parking is best for you?

There are numerous types of airport parking available, each designed with different types of travellers in mind. Here are the parking spaces at Sydney Airport available to you, and how to find the right one for your needs.

Guaranteed parking at Sydney Airport

Have you ever felt anxious on the way to the airport, knowing you’re cutting it fine for time and crossing all your fingers that you’ll find an available park close to the terminal? Guaranteed spaces are available to book to ensure you know there will be a spot available for you at a minimal distance from the terminal.

Guaranteed airport parking at Sydney Airport can be found in the P7 car park near the International airport.

You can pre-book a guaranteed parking space online now at the International terminal. Click here and select your terminal from the booking widget.

Valet parking at Sydney Airport

Airport valet parking takes the hassle out of stressful travel. You can book online or simply drive up on the day, then drop your keys off with our professional valet staff, and head to your flight.

There are valet parking options available at both the Domestic and International terminals, and are just a short walk away from the entrances. Note that valet parking operates from 5.30am to 11.30pm, although passenger flights do not generally operate outside of these times anyway.

Blu Emu parking at Sydney Airport

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to keep the costs of a long stay down, the Blu Emu car park may be your best option, as it offers the most cost-effective long-term parking at Sydney Airport.

This parking area is a free 15-minute shuttle ride from the Domestic terminal. If you are taking an international flight, you can simply take the shuttle to the Domestic terminal, then take the terminal transfer bus (allow another 15 minutes for this ride).

Express parking at Sydney Airport

Picking someone up from a flight and plan to be in and out in a jiffy? Express parking at Sydney Airport’s International and Domestic terminals are made for quick stops and are one of the most popular types of airport parking available.

These areas are free for the first 15 minutes twice per calendar day and can be found within a very short walking distance of both Domestic terminals and the International terminal, so you can collect your weary traveller as soon as they leave the terminal.

International parking at Sydney Airport

The P7 car park is directly in front of the International terminal, and it takes just 2-5 minutes to walk from your car to the front door. It offers easy access both for departures and arrivals, and you can opt for a short-term or long-term stay, book a guaranteed space (these are the closest to the terminal), and have valet parking options.

Note that you can also book Sydney Airport parking online in advance to secure the best rates.

Domestic parking at Sydney Airport

Domestic airport parking includes three different areas to choose from. There are two Domestic terminals, T2 and T3, so be sure to check which one you are picking up from or flying from before you park.

P2 parking is located directly in between T2 and T3. This parking option offers a 2-5 minute walk to these domestic terminals, and is suitable for long and short-term parking. You can opt for valet parking or a guaranteed space in this area.

P3 car park is a little farther from the domestic terminals, a walk of approximately 5-8 minutes. This is an excellent option for mid- and long-term stays, or for travellers on a budget, as it offers a discounted rate.

The final option for Domestic parking at Sydney Airport is Blu Emu. Blu Emu offers cost-effective parking at the Sydney Airport’s Domestic terminal, as it is the most affordable option of them all. This car park has a free 15-minute shuttle ride from the Domestic terminal.

Short-term parking at Sydney Airport

If you’re not staying long, you can benefit from affordable short-term parking at Sydney Airport. There are several types of airport parking available to you for short-term stays.

You can stay for free for up to 15 minutes in the express parking zones twice per calendar day, or for up to an hour at the Blu Emu car park.

Alternatively, you can park at any of the car parks for short terms. You can view the drive-up airport short-term parking rates online, or book ahead to secure the best rate.

Long-term parking at Sydney Airport

Long-term parking is available at both the Domestic and International terminals at Sydney Airport.

The most affordable option is the Blu Emu car park. This area is accessible via a free shuttle ride from the Domestic terminal, which takes approximately 15 minutes. If you would like to take advantage of the low rates available at Blu Emu but are taking an international flight, you can ride the transfer shuttle from Domestic to International.

There are also long-term options at all the terminals. Explore the long-term parking rates online to compare Sydney Airport parking options and determine which long-term solution is best for you.

Motorbike parking at Sydney Airport

You will find designated motorbike parking at Sydney Airport in the car parks at both the Domestic and International terminals. Alternatively, you can take a spot in any of the regular car parks.

View Sydney Airport motorcycle parking rates online, and book ahead to secure your space.

Accessible parking at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport ensures there are accessible parking spaces for travellers visiting each terminal.

All travellers have wheelchair-accessible areas at the departures drop-off points. These are clearly signposted and close to entry to the terminal. Vehicles parked in these spaces must display a disability parking pass.

Domestic flyers have 42 spaces to choose from, which are spread out across P2, and the Express pick-up area. These parks are all located as close to the terminals as possible.

In the international car park, there are numerous accessible parks in the P7 car park. There are a total of 56 bays, each of which is clearly signposted.

Compare airport parking in Sydney to find the best type of airport parking for you and book online now.