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5 ways to make picking someone up at Sydney Airport special

By Sydney Airport on August 24, 2020

Picking someone up on arrival at Sydney Airport can be an incredibly exciting moment. Whether it’s a loved one returning home or a friend coming for a visit, this task provides a big favour for the traveller, and a bit of fun for you.

To make that moment of reunion even more special, try one of these five tips to make it an airport pick up to remember!

1. Have fun with a sign

When your traveller walks through those exit gates they’ll be scanning the crowd for your face - just imagine their surprise if you add a large, bright sign welcoming them to Sydney.

You can keep it simple with a fun ‘welcome to Sydney’ sign, or you can get a little silly with a ‘hug me first’ sign, or even a ‘welcome home mum, we’re out of clean undies’ sign.

2. Get dressed up

If there’s a surefire way of making sure your traveller spots you straight away, it’s if you’re in fancy dress. Plus, this can be especially fun in the Sydney Airport international arrivals area, so those visiting Australia for the first time can get a hilarious introduction to the country!

You could arrive decked out in suits and dark glasses like the men in black, or you could simply raid your dress ups box for the most ridiculous costume you can find. Storm troopers, inflatable dinosaurs, and gigantic koalas all make for hilarious and memorable options (don’t forget to nab a photo, too).

3. Bring someone as a surprise

Your traveller expects you to be there to pick them up, but who else could you bring to put an even bigger smile on their face? A close friend? Another family member? Their adorable pooch?

Make that moment extra memorable by bringing along as many loved ones as possible. They’ll feel incredibly special that so many came along to welcome them to Sydney, and this offers another great photo opportunity for a snap they’ll cherish.

4. Get valet parking

The majority of people have never tried valet parking, and there’s no doubt that this special service can make you feel like royalty. Choose which valet car park is closest to your terminal and book valet parking ahead of time, or simply drive up on the day!

To hit the road without hassles the helpful valet staff will help you with your luggage and bring your car around swiftly. This may be especially welcoming for anyone coming through Sydney Airport's International terminal, as they may well be coming from a long flight, so the extra treat may help them relax!

5. Bring them a gift

Everybody loves a gift, especially after a long flight or time away from loved ones. This could be as simple as a bouquet of flowers, or something more special to you.

If it’s a visitor to Sydney, you might consider the classic koala bear, or perhaps a Sydney-themed photo frame that they can fill during their time in the city. For a Sydneysider returning home, you might consider a gift that they might have missed, such as a pastry from their favourite cafe.

It is a great idea to look ahead and note which terminal your traveller will be arriving in, so you can plan ahead and decide which parking area you’ll head to. You can explore the Sydney Airport parking areas online and view parking rates so you know what to expect, plus you can even book a spot online to save time at the airport parking lot.