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Park and Fly vs. Sydney Airport Parking: Where to Park?

By Sydney Airport on September 4, 2023

Looking to park and fly to your next destination? Are you in the midst of planning a trip from Sydney and are searching for a reliable and convenient parking solution at the airport? Sydney Airport Parking offers a comprehensive range of on and off site parking options at a number of different price points, catering to your needs - making it a great option for parking at Sydney Airport.

Whilst searching online, you’ve probably come across several off-site parking options around Sydney Airport, including Park and Fly Sydney. Read on to discover the differences between these two parking options across convenience, location, pricing, flexibility and more.

Shuttle Services

Both Park and Fly and Sydney Airport’s Blu Emu car park offer shuttle bus services that take you to the Domestic terminals from off-site.

Park and Fly Mascot operates shuttles using Volkswagen Transporters, meaning they’re equipped to transport up to 7 passengers.

Park n Fly’s off-site car park location takes roughly 10 minutes by car to get to the Domestic terminals. In contrast, Blu Emu takes about 15 minutes depending on traffic.

For most of the day, Blu Emu runs shuttle buses every 15 minutes. Even when it’s late, from midnight to 3:30am, the buses still run every 30 minutes.

With shuttle buses travelling to both Domestic Terminal 2 and 3, you can enjoy a seamless transition from your car to the airport if you park at Blu Emu. If you are travelling to International Terminal 1 you will need to catch a connecting transfer bus from either of the Domestic terminals.

Parking Options & Location

When it comes to location and convenience, Sydney Airport Parking has plenty of options. Park and Fly provides one off-site parking option, whereas Sydney Airport Parking provides multiple on-site car parks, as well as it’s own off-site parking option, ‘Blu Emu Car Park’ near the airport.

Sydney Airport Parking’s range of parking options provides flexibility, with car parks within walking distance of both the Domestic and International terminals. You can park at P7 for international departures or P2 or P3 for domestic departures. If you’re time poor and want even more convenience, we also offer valet parking services at both Domestic and International terminals.

Operating Hours

For those who require flexible access to their parking, the Blu Emu Car Park’s 24/7 operating hours is a significant advantage. The car parks near the Domestic and International terminals are also open at all times, while valet parking options are available from 5:00 am to 11:30 pm. This means you can park and retrieve your vehicle at a time that suits your travel schedule.

In comparison, Park and Fly Sydney opens at 5:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm. If you need assistance or have any queries, it’s important to consider car park operating hours.

Pricing and Loyalty Rewards

Comparing pricing structures is always important when analysing the right parking service for you - looking at all available options allows you to find the best deal available.

Park n Fly offers a loyalty rewards program where you can earn $1 for every $10 spent, excluding special offers and promotions.

Sydney Airport Parking frequently provides online discounts and promotion codes so that you can get a better deal. Make sure you see if there are any discounts available to you before booking your car spot. Sign up here for the latest deals and offers.


Sydney Airport Parking is a good choice for those looking to park at Sydney Airport, due to the wide range of parking options conveniently located near both Domestic and International terminals, frequent promotions, extensive range of operating hours and convenience factor.

Whether you’re looking for affordability, proximity or stressless parking, Sydney Airport Parking has you covered. Book your parking online now and enjoy a smooth journey!